Iowa C.O.P.S.

Honoring our fallen officers by providing support for the survivors left behind.

Iowa C.O.P.S. Bike Team Ride

The Iowa C.O.P.S. Bike Team wishes to recognize and honor the extraordinary contributions of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. The bike team's mission is to ensure these officers are never forgotten while raising funds and awareness for Iowa C.O.P.S. supporting the surviving family members, loved ones, and colleagues of fallen officers across Iowa.

Applications to join the team during RAGBRAI must be completed and submitted by March 1,. Interested riders can register in the following levels:

WEEK-LONG INDIVIDUAL RIDERS will need to provide a total of $500 in donations/entry fees. These riders will be provided with one jersey, one pair of shorts or bibs, and an overnight shirt. Space for one tent, one folding chair, and two totes will be reserved for transport.

THREE-DAY INDIVIDUAL RIDERS will need to provide a total of $300 in donations/entry fees. These riders will need to specify if they are riding the first or last three days of RAGBRAI. These riders will be provided one jersey and one overnight shirt. Based on availability, transportation will be available from Des Moines to the start town, and from the end town to Des Moines. Space for one tent, one folding chair, and two totes will be reserved for transport.

Iowa C.O.P.S. will also purchase the Official RAGBRAI registration/ticket for each rider. Each bike team member will need to be a registered rider with RAGBRAI and will be instructed to do so once all applications are received.

The Iowa C.O.P.S. bike team has secured ‘host homes’ in every overnight town on RAGBRAI. We will utilize their restrooms, showers, and seek emergency shelter within their residence.

If you have any questions or want to communicate with the Iowa COPS Bike Team Coordinator, Contact Mike Messerich at

The Ride

Our team will depart for RAGBRAI at a later specified time from the Des Moines Metro area. During our ride we hope to be in the presence or homes of survivors. We will respect the privacy of our survivors. Iowa C.O.P.S. will provide a transport vehicle everyday as a support vehicle. This vehicle will also transport your tents, bags, chairs, and minimal equipment from host home to host home. Iowa C.O.P.S. Team Ride members will wear the custom team jersey. Iowa C.O.P.S. will provide a memorial flag to honor your fallen police officer, containing a photo, department patch, and End of Watch date.

Iowa C.O.P.S. will provide water and beverages throughout the week. Every day the support personnel will have ice, water, and various snacks for breaks during the ride. If you have special drinks/powders or power bars you prefer, please bring them.

What You Can Do Now

  1. Complete the application online at
  2. Once your application is received we will confirm that we have received it. This does not guarantee you a spot on the team. Since we will have multiple riders, we will need to review each application individually. Team members should have a direct connection to the law enforcement community, a member of the public safety family, or a Survivor of a Line of duty Death.
  3. Iowa C.O.P.S. reserves the right to decline any applicant.
  4. Start collecting. You will be responsible for collecting donations and forwarding monies to Iowa C.O.P.S. You donors can make a secure donation on the main web page.
  5. For the survivors this ride will be a journey filled with challenges, support, and compassion. The survivors receive great inspiration from fellow riders, supporters, and drivers…people who have left their own families and jobs to help survivors. On behalf of Iowa C.O.P.S., thank you in advance for joining us!