Jake Frith

Railroad Policeman

Railroad Policeman Jake Frith and Railroad Policeman Henry Talcott were shot and killed at about 2:15 am while trying to remove three tramps from a coach car in the railroad yards at 19th Street in Dubuque, Iowa. A violent struggle took place inside of the car and both officers were mortally wounded. Policeman Frith was shot in the neck and back and Policeman Talcott was shot above the left eye.

Two suspects were apprehended a short time later. Both were convicted of two counts of first degree and sentenced to life in Anamosa Penitentiary. Both were pardoned by Governor Nathan E. Kendall on January 10th, 1925.

The third suspect fled to San Francisco where he boarded a ship destined for Australia. He was never captured.

Policeman Frith was survived by his wife and four children.

Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Police Department, Railroad Police

End of Watch: Apr. 14, 1893

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